Throughout my childhood and teen years, my family went on holidays with my family. We visited Minorca,
Majorca, Portugal, and France. At this stage I have only vague memories of these holidays but they certainly were fun.

In my late teens I visited London with some close friends to celebrate the end of school exams. I believe this was my first family-free holiday, and was a  different experience. I have a deep desire to see new things, be it natural landscapes, people, cultures, cities.

During my college years, I went inter-railing around europe with a close friend – just the two of us which was slightly
unusual (inter-railing at that age is normally done  in groups of 4,5,8 people..) but we were still determined and excited! From then on (inclusive), I’ll write up about my travels, in part to document them myself as I have a poor
memory, in part as an excuse to sort out my photos, and finally, to perhaps help others who are thinking of travel to get insight into places I’ve been.