If you’re in Dublin, Wicklow, or a nearby area, and like me you enjoy the outdoors, then you should make it your business to visit Wicklow. You can walk the Wicklow way, hike around Glendalough, or camp in Wicklow National Park. I’ve done most of these, and here’s a bit of information to help you plan your trip.

Getting From Dublin To Glendalough

busTripThe two main options here are driving, or getting a bus. Driving is pretty self explanatory – perhaps you have access to a car, or you can rent one. This wasn’t an option for me – and so I recently learned about the St. Kevins bus service. The cost was 20 euro for a return ticket from Dublin to Glendalough – a little bit steep for what it is but relative to the lack of options, it’s quite fair. The bus was full both ways, thankfully they have a few buses and seem to handle overflow well. The journey took about 1 hour and 20 minutes and was a comfortable ride. The bus was on time and staff were friendly. You can get it from St. Stephens Green North, it has a few other stops in Dublin, and then in Wicklow the main stops you will be interested in are either the Glendalough Visitor Centre, or Laragh, depending on your needs. Check their website for the latest information.

Walking the Wicklow Way

I can’t give detailed steps here but just some standard advice. I recommend knowing your limits – and the limits of those you are with, and don’t push past them. Give yourself some extra time for your walk – maybe you’ll get a bit lost, maybe you’ll want to take more breaks than initially planned, or maybe you’ll want to take a slight detour to check out the landscape a different way than the rout you planned. Keep a map and compass handy, and don’t hesitate to ask people for help if you are lost. Stay sharp and have fun!

Camping in Wicklow National Park

giphyIn general it is permissible to camp in Wicklow National Park, but check out more authoritative sites for the details. Respect nature, residents, and other visitors. Clean up after yourselves. There are some very nice camping spots around Wicklow National Park. You should also have no problem finding wood to burn – encircle it with large stones, and be sure to put it out fully when leaving your camping area. Myself and my comrades managed to get the above fire going during heavy rain so you have no excuse for a successful camping adventure!