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Security Sheperd – SQL Injection Lesson with Solution

SQL Injection Overview Before getting into the lesson and solution, some background. SQL injection is one of the most well known form of cyber attack, and if you're in anyway familiar with SQL it's easy to appreciate and understand. SQL Injection occurs when the application confuses data with code - which is the root cause

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Camping & Walking in Wicklow National Park

If you're in Dublin, Wicklow, or a nearby area, and like me you enjoy the outdoors, then you should make it your business to visit Wicklow. You can walk the Wicklow way, hike around Glendalough, or camp in Wicklow National Park. I've done most of these, and here's a bit of information to help you

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My Early Travels

Throughout my childhood and teen years, my family went on holidays with my family. We visited Minorca, Majorca, Portugal, and France. At this stage I have only vague memories of these holidays but they certainly were fun. In my late teens I visited London with some close friends to celebrate the end of school exams.

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Manual QA to Automation QA – Step 1: Learn from the code

If you're a manual tester working for a software company, then there's a good chance you'll be able to get the source code of the main product/application onto your work computer. Familiarisiong yourself with this code is a good way to become familiar with code, and gain a deeper understanding of the product you are

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Reasons to become a QA Automation Engineer

In recent years, I’ve settled into a QA Automation Engineer position. I’m currently working for my third employer, having studied Electronic Engineering. I’ve previously worked as a Software Test Engineer, System Test Engineer, Developer, QA Engineer, and now I’m in a solid QA Automation Engineer position. Having seen a variety of work places, I can

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5 Must Do’s For a Westerner in Shenzhen

If you plan on heading to Shenzhen (or already there) and are trying to find things to do which will give you a real taste of the culture, values, people, and region, then read on. I traveled to Shenzhen on a work related trip for several weeks, and here are some things that I thoroughly

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6 Uses of Python for Business Automation

Python is a programming language which is pretty easy to get started with, and can do a wide range of tasks. Automating tasks with Python can save so much time, it could be worth several full time staff, and can easily help you shift into doing things of higher values. Here are some which might

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How to Streamline Your Business Communications

Communication between your business and the outside world can be a significant part of your operation depending on your business model, and therefore can require a significant amount of your efforts. I advocate business automation, and am striving for it myself, and on this automation journey, communications must be dealt with properly. This includes understanding,

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3 Core Benefits for Automating Your Business Processes

If you are starting a business from nothing, it’s not easy, especially if you are going solo – I can relate. No doubt you are performing a wide range of tasks: marketing, content generation, business planning, strategy, creating/providing the service, maintaining clients, the list just goes on and on, doesn’t it! The good news is

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The Benefits of Streamlining Your Business Communication Channels

If you’re starting or running a business, then at some stage you are selling a product or service to your customers. This will include communication, perhaps different types of communications: Answering questions Responding to complaints Arranging payment Accepting change requests Collaborating work on a custom item Of course you may be in the position where

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